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Exercise is encoded in our DNA, releasing serotonin and endorphins (happy hormones) after trenuous physical activity. It is a survival instinct, rewarded by our body maintain adequate physical fitness. To compensate for a sedentary lifestyle and to lose weight (fat), more and more people are taking up sport as a leisure or hobby.

The bodies of elite athletes and individuals who undertake very strenuous exercise at a hobby level require supplementation with a range of nutrients. However, people who play sport as a hobby can also benefit from the use of certain nutritional supplements.

We offer a range of:

  • Proteins: the majority of muscle fibres are made up of protein. Protein supplements help to rebuild muscles damaged during exercise.
  • Amino acids: the building blocks of proteins in muscle fibres. The intake of certain amino acids can be beneficial for recovery, reducing muscle fatigue, preventing tiredness and helping you to concentrate during training.
  • Pre-workout energy boosters: specifically designed to increase your performance during exercise. They are also available in a pre-workout decaffeinated version, perfect for people with caffeine intolerance.
  • Supplements during training: if you're training for over 1 hour, you may want to supplement carbohydrates, B vitamins and minerals (electrolytes). This will help you to extend your fatigue threshold and make your workouts more manageable. 
  • Post-workout supplements: taken between workouts to stimulate muscle recovery and regeneration. In this way, muscle and performance increases.
  • Weight control: our range also includes supplements to kick-start fat loss, also in decaffeinated form.
  • Equipment: we offer shakers for mixing and shaking protein powders. In addition, we offer stylish gym bags. For lifting weights, we offer belts, harnesses and bandages.